Welcome to Auckland Psychological Associates Limited

Hello and welcome to this web site. If you are a former or present client, please email me – it would be nice to catch up. If it’s a therapist you are looking for, let me introduce myself.

My name is Greg Woodcock and I am a registered clinical psychologist. I have 13 years clinical and forensic experience and have worked extensively in the community and in social work. Through my private practice, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with people from all different ages, backgrounds and races.

People visit a psychologist for varied reasons. I specialize in the following areas. One or some of them may be what you are looking for:

Clinical Psychology

– Cognitive & psychological assessments
– Counselling & psychotherapy – for individuals, couples, families (including conflict resolution and marital issues)
– Relationship difficulties
– Therapy and management of anger, depression, stress and anxiety
– Diagnosis, assessment and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders
– Childhood mental illness, abuse, behavioural problems and learning disabilities


– Clinical supervision of psychologists, social workers and nurses
– Seminars and training
– Management of projects requiring clinical skills and general management experience

Forensic Psychology

For information on this subject, click here.

I use cognitive behaviour therapy with my clients to try and help them become more aware of their underlying thoughts, feelings and behaviour – in other words, the things that are causing them problems. That way, they learn about themselves and are able to take more control of, and more responsibility for, their own actions.

If you think this could help you or I can help you, please call me to make an appointment.

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