Gregory Woodcock

Clinical Psychologist

EDUCATION: Auckland University

Bachelor of Arts – Double Major: Psychology & Sociology
Master of Arts – Neuropsychology (Hons)


I have gained extensive community, social work, and clinical and forensic psychological experience over a 20-year period, leading to positions of responsibility requiring sound financial, people and organisational management, judgement and diplomacy. Throughout this time, I have demonstrated the ability to work successfully with diverse individuals. I have comprehensive knowledge and experience of governmental administration, particularly regarding the requirements of the State Sector Act 1988 and the provisions contained therein pertaining to EEO perspectives, Maori perspectives and the requirements of being “a good employer”.

1994 – Present: private practice

I run a successful forensic and non-forensic private practice, engaging in:

  • Court order assessment of offenders and formulating management plans and sentencing recommendations for all judicial jurisdictions (i.e. Appeal Court, High Court, District Court, Employment Court, Youth Court and Family Court).
  • Briefs by various barristers for forensic assessment of their clients for all jurisdictions.
  • Formulating treatment regimes for patients from the Courts, Community Corrections, CYFS and from Community Mental Health Agencies etc.
  • Victim impact reports for the New Zealand Police Department.
  • Briefs from the Auckland Employer and Manufacturers Association.
  • Counselling employees on the Employee Assistance programme.
  • Assessment and treatment of individuals with an established diagnosis of Paraphilia, who have come to the notice of the Court.
  • Guest lecturing in mental health for the Social Workers Course at Auckland College of Education.
  • Individual therapy.

2001 – Present: legal aid review panel

  • As a panel member, reviewing on appeal the decisions of the Legal Services Agency as to their legality in law and on certain criteria set out in the Act.
  • As a panel member, working cooperatively with the convenor to formulate policy as to the functioning of the Panel and the substance of its decisions.

2003 -2004:

Director of programmes and from June 2003
Director of school services

  • Day-to-day line management of six residential social workers/programme co-ordinators, 12 assistant programme support workers, catering and maintenance staff.
  • Instrumental in formulating protocols to implement the policies of the Board/Commissioner.
  • Interpreted and implemented the various industrial agreements under which my 25 staff were employed.
  • Implemented health and safety policies and the decisions of the Health and Safety Committee.
  • Recruitment, retention, induction and ongoing professional development of staff.
  • Staff appraisals and clinical supervision.
  • Established and supported the Employee Assistant Programme across all employment groups in the school.
  • Fully participating member of the senior management team of the school.
  • Liaised with various non-governmental agencies contracted to provide services to children.

1998 – 2003: Villa six – Kingseat/Tamaki-Oranga

  • Psychologist to the unit
  • Member of the clinical team
  • Assisted in the formation of policy for the running of the new unit.
  • As cognitive behavioural therapist, I saw approximately 16 patients per three-day week:
    • Formulated treatment plans for a range of patients manifesting both Axis I and Axis II malaises
    • Risk assessments
    • Psychometric assessments
    • Psychological interventions
    • Analysed behaviour and implemented treatment interventions

1997 – 2000: Awhinatia Health

  • Consultant psychologist to the Community Care team and Inpatient unit.
  • As cognitive behavioural therapist, I saw approximately 16 patients per three-day week:
    • Formulated treatment plans for a range of patients manifesting both Axis I and Axis II malaises
    • Risk assessments
    • Psychometric assessments
    • Neuropsychological assessments
    • Psychological interventions

1992 – 1997: Mason clinic – Forensic Services, Psychologist

  • Psychometric and neuropsychometric assessments of forensic and mental health patients.
  • Provided individual therapy for forensic and mental health patients.
  • Initiated and facilitated group work with patients e.g. sexual dysfunctions, anger management, communications and dispute management etc.
  • Participated in the clinical management of patients through a multi-disciplinary approach and in consultation with the patient and his/her family.
  • Participated in in-service education and supervision.
  • Risk assessments.

Prior to this time, I worked for several government agencies and held positions as diverse as senior adviser for the State Services Commission, senior tenancy officer and Crown mediator for the Housing Corporation of New Zealand, and social worker for the Social Welfare Department.

My Clients

I have the privilege of working with some of companies